Stuff I Didn’t Use

Baby monitor
Bought one but since the baby stayed in the room with me for the first 6 months, I didn’t need it. Even when you leave the room, you know what you’re baby is capable of doing (rolling over, ect) so you just make sure they’re safe.

I ended up returning the monitor and buying a 40$ Wifi security camera instead. Better quality than even a 250$ monitor (baby monitors have the shittiest video quality ever) and you can access it from anywhere (baby monitors have a limited range) so if the baby is with someone else, you can leave them the camera and watch the baby from home or you can buy multiple Wifi cameras for multiple rooms/houses and access them all on one app (I have 2 at home and 1 at my parents’).

You become so intune with the babies that the smallest sound wakes you up, so even now that I have James in another room, I wake up if he cries more than a few seconds. You don’t want to be able to hear every sound because the baby will never learn to fall asleep on his own if you’re running in for every sound and you won’t sleep well and become miserable.

The only downside is that a Wifi camera can be hacked, so it depends on how much you care if someone you’ll never meet can randomly see your baby. You can use a VPN though.

Bottle Warmer
Breastmilk you can take out and leave at room temperature and both breastmilk and formula can be warmed up in a cup of hot water.

I don’t warm up formula but for breast milk, I either just leave it out for 30 min or pour hot water from the kettle into a mug and put the bottle into the mug (if I don’t have 30 minutes).

Bottle warmers actually make a lot of bottles leak since it loosens the seal.

Baby Carrier
Obviously you won’t want to use one with twins, but even if you have 1 baby, some babies hate it or you might hate using it.

Baby lotion
Not recommended anymore. Also nobody likes a greasy baby. Any dry skin will go away on its own.

I have sooooooooo much lotion that I got as samples and as gifts that are unopened.

Changing table
WAY easier to change the baby on the bed or a carpet.

When you change a baby, you need to prepare the clothing first, so it’s easier to lay the baby down next to the spot where you’re gonna change him, spread out the clothing and then plop the baby on top.

With a changing table you have to hold the baby while you lay out the clothing or put down the baby somewhere else while you lay out the clothing. Like it’s doable but you’ll eventually end up not wanting to use it.

Receiving blankets
Not really sure what the purpose of these is. You can’t use them to swaddle the baby (swaddle blankets are a different thing) and it’s not safe to use in the crib.

You can use them to cover them in the carseat/stroller but you might as well use swaddle blankets for those since they do more than one thing, or fuzzy blankets since they’re thick enough to actually be warm.

Baby swing

A lot of babies love them, but some don’t care so might as well buy it at the end so you can return it if the baby doesn’t care for it.

Bouncy seat
Only worth it if you don’t wanna bring the portable napper from room to room. It’s kind of awkward to have the baby on the floor when everyone else is standing or sitting on a chair. You can put it on counters at the beginning but you’re not really supposed to for safety – once the baby is a couple months old they can easily flip it and by the time they’re old enough to make it bounce, they’re grown out of it.

Another thing that I would buy at the end and return if you don’t like.

Buy very little. I still don’t understand why someone would add an extra layer of clothing to take off for diaper changes when they can just buy a thicker PJ. I only use them when I put pants on him.

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