Stuff to Buy

Swaddle Blankets

SwaddleMe SwaddlePods comes in 1 size, newborn 0-12lbs and SwaddleMe OriginalLarge 14-20lbs

Don’t buy the Small size when they grow out of the newborn Pods they’ll wear it for like 2 weeks. Just go straight to the large Original Swaddle.

Better than a regular swaddle blanket that you have to wrap yourself and hope they don’t get out of at night. There are other ones but these are the cheapest good ones. I’ve tried like 10 different kinds and returned them.

Changing pad covers (2 for 12$ at Walmart)

I could never have enough. I keep one under James at all times in case he pukes or pees through his diaper.

Also bring it to people’s houses to change baby.

Electric kettle
Any water that you use for formula or baby cereal needs to be boiled

Also if you want to warm up bottles, you can just pour the boiled water into a mug or put the bottle directly into the kettle once it’s done boiling.

Microwave sterilizerthe Phillips Avent one is the best

I never really sterilized my bottles/pacifiers since they say it isn’t necessary, but you’re supposed to sterilize before the first use and I also sterilize anything that I brought with me when we go out, especially hospitals/clinics.

You can also boil the bottles instead but it takes a lot longer and you usually have batches to do.

Don’t buy any sets of bottles since babies can be picky and end up hating certain kinds. Buy a bunch of random single bottles and then buy a set once you find a bottle that the baby likes and that you don’t find annoying to clean.

Try to stick with wide neck bottles since you can just use a regular sponge to wash them instead of a bottle brush.

Same thing with the bottles only babies are even pickier with choosing one. Again, buy a bunch of different brands to try at first. Most babies take the Mam, Tommee Tippee and Avent pacifiers (don’t buy the Avent ones though, they’re super bad for teeth) and the Nuk ones are popular too. Once they choose a favourite, they’re gonna need a bunch lol.

Also don’t forget that you need to move up a size once they reach the limit on the package because it can ruin their teeth.

Buy a bunch of different kinds. You’re always gonna end up hating a whole bunch of them and everytime you think you found a favourite, you’ll end up finding another one that you love more. I’ve never bought the same pack of bibs twice lol. Probably the item you’ll end up rewashing the most so they fall apart within a month.

Avoid velcro. They stop sticking after like 5 washes and ruin other clothing in the wash.

Burp cloths

A lot of people say it’s useless, but I disagree. Sure you can use receiving blankets, bibs or face cloths but they’re really annoying to use (bibs and face cloths are too small, so you can only use for spit up once, blankets are too big to keep around covered in puke). Burp cloths are nice and soft, super absorbent and you can just keep it folded nicely next to the baby.

Avoid the ones with buttons and get the ones with zippers. Takes 2 seconds to zip them up versus doing a million buttons. I only buy buttons if it’s really cute or super cheap and then keep them at the bottom of the pile to use last lol

Buy very little. I still don’t understand why someone would add an extra layer of clothing to take off for diaper changes when they can just buy a thicker PJ. I only use them when I put pants on him.

Hooded towels

Seriously you only need like 2. Babies only need to be washed once or twice a week and guaranteed you’ll be doing a load between baths. You also don’t need to wash it after every use.

Summer Infant Baby Bather – or any similar sling bathtub

The sling bathtubs are SOO much easier to use. The ones that look like little tubs are a frickin pain in the ass and I regret the one I got so bad. It’s annoying to fill, annoying to maneuver the baby in and once the baby gets bigger it’s literally garbage.

The slings ones you just put in the bath and fill the bath as normal. They fit bigger babies too because at one point the baby will be too big for a plastic tub but not sitting up well enough to just sit him in the tub.

Evenflo Pillow Napper

This napper was a lifesaver, I brought it from room to room and he used it full time. Its also the cheapest good one (I tried a couple of cheaper one but they weren’t great)


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